How I Got the Chance to Live

My parents both had children from previous marriages before marrying each other, and they had been married 3 year before learning they were pregnant with me.  Whenever my mother spoke about her pregnancy she would always joke and say two things: “I wanted you to be a girl!” and “You were 10 pounds! You caused me a lot of struggle!” However I decided to sit down and listen to my parents tell me their life stories and it was the first time I would hear my mother tell me about a different struggle during her time carrying me.

My mother for a few reasons had her doubts about giving birth and so my grandmother mentioned that she knew of a doctor that was able to “massage” her stomach in a way that would cause an abortion. In secret the two of them visited the doctor and requested for the procedure, however the doctor was a follower of Jesus and knew that my mother was a relatively new Christian. The doctor explained that in my mother’s womb God was personally crafting together a child. She explained that there was a purpose for me, a future laid out for me to live if I so chose. The doctor successfully convinced my mother to not go through with the abortion.

23 years later here I am laughing, singing, and joyfully striving through life. Hearing this from my mother I could not help but think about God, all of my friends, and family that have made this life of mine so worth living. I don’t have any anger or hurt feelings from this story, the only thing I can feel is joy and thanksgiving.There is a lot more to the story that I could talk about, but what I want to express the most is that I almost did not get the chance to live. My mother had every right to abort me, she even had support from grandma AND very few people were even aware of the pregnancy because it was still very early, but because of one person who spoke out for me when I couldn’t, I got to live. I know there is a lot of controversy over the matter of abortion and I am not nearly informed enough to have an educated stance on the subject, but all I can say is if that doctor did not ask my mother to pause and think about the full life God had planned for me, I would not be here with all of you today.


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