Batman & Robin Eternal #1 Review


You will quickly learn that from the DC Universe, my two favourite heroes are The Flash and Nightwing.

I have been craving for Nightwing to shine! Ever since he left Gotham, his adventures have been lacking something. His adventures have been lacking heroes, actual villains, and the psychologically twisted city that Gotham is. Nightwing fans are sure to enjoy what this series promises to bring. We get to delve into one of Batman biggest failures in his career back when it was just him and the original boy wonder.

Grayson is back in Gotham and is in action with his former teammates while trying to be a super spy at the same time. This issue reintroduces some old favourites from the bat-family that have yet to show up in the New 52 world and leads me to believe that there will be a lot of teaming up in future issues. If you consider yourself a fan of Nightwing and have lost hope ever since “Grayson” began, then I encourage you to grab a copy because though he hasn’t stepped into the role that we all want him to be, the writers seem to really be setting up Grayson to maybe take on a new identity and get back to being a superhero.

If you feel like you aren’t going to pick up the issue just yet, or need to know more about the plot first, check out below as I give a quick summary and my hopes for the future of this series.

Score: 4/5

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